Gummy vitamins or Pills?

How Gummy Bears Can Help Add a Little Sparkle to Your Life

We all know that we need to get a full range of vitamins for optimal health. Supplements help fill in the gaps in our diets, but who really loves the idea of choking down a fist full of pills each day? 

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The thought of chowing down on a delightful gummy bear instead is much more appealing. But can you really get the vitamins you need from something as pleasant as a gummy bear? Are gummy supplements as effective as pills?

Read on to find out how gummy bears can help add a little sparkle to your life!

Are gummy vitamins better than pills?

A touch of sweet, a dose of health

Mary Poppins sang that a “spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go the most delightful way!” 

We agree wholeheartedly with making it easier and more pleasant to prioritize your health. Unfortunately, downing a spoonful of sugar each day may be worse for you than the benefit you get from the vitamins!

Our black seed oil and elderberry gummies are the perfect middle ground. They have just enough sweetness to be pleasant to eat, yet are packed with the nutrients your body needs for optimum health.

Enjoy benefits such as a boost to your brain, heart, bone, and joint health. Plus, you’ll start to notice stronger hair and glowing skin — can’t beat that! You can learn more about health benefits of black seed oil on our blog.

Pleasant delivery

Sometimes the taste isn’t the only thing unpleasant about supplements, the delivery method can be uncomfortable. Have you seen the size of some of those pills? Somehow, you’re supposed to be able to swallow them whole!

Other less bulky options include syrups or oils, which can be downright unpleasant in a different way. 

However, there are very few people who would object to chowing down on a deliciously adorable gummy bear. Wouldn’t you agree?


Whether because of the taste or the size of the pill, you may have struggled to take your vitamins consistently in the past. Popping a gummy in your mouth makes the process much easier. There’s little to dread about eating a gummy bear!

In fact, the biggest thing is to make sure you don’t eat too many of these delicious delights. The old adage about too much of a good thing is 100% true. Overdosing on vitamins can cause health problems or disease — so stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation (or your doctor’s). 

Prioritize your health with black seed oil gummies

Make this the year you finally start supplementing your diet in a way that is actually fun, and you can stick to. 

Our gummies are packed with the health benefits of black seed oil and delicious elderberry fruit. They are so delightful that remembering to take your vitamins becomes super easy, You’ll get as excited about taking your vitamins as you get about trying a new piece of candy!

Get your black seed oil gummies today and get healthier one cute little gummy at a time!

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