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Should I take Ohh..Gummies with food?

You can take Ohh..Gummies with or without food.

What are some of the benefits of the ingredients in Ohh..Gummies?

The powerful ingredients in Ohh..Gummies have many amazing properties, including:
  • Support of a healthy immune system
  • Support of healthy bones and joints
  • Antioxidant support
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • General good health and wellbeing

Are Ohh..Gummies gluten-free?

Yes! We are proud to say that Ohh..Gummies are made in an allergen-free facility and are gluten-free.

Do Ohh..Gummies contain Thymoquinone?

Absolutely! Our organic cold-pressed Black seed oil used to make Ohh..gummies contain 3.3% Thymoquinone. The highest and most effective amount in the market.

Are Ohh..Gummies vegan?

No, At this time we use a small amount of natural organic beeswax to coat our delicious gummies! This means they are vegetarian!.

What is BTQ2™ Black Seed Oil?

It is our proprietary blend of premium quality certified organic and organic cold-pressed Black Seed oils harvested from non-irradiated seeds from Ethiopia and Turkey. It has a potent Thymoquinone level of over 3.3%. .

Are Ohh..Gummies vegetarian?

Yes! They are.

Are Ohh..Gummies halal?

Yes! They are certified halal.

Where are Ohh..Gummies made?

We are proud to say our Ohh.. Gummies are made in America, with carefully selected ingredients from around the world. Our Ohh.. Gummies are manufactured in a state-of-the-art cGMP registered and allergen-free facility.

How many Ohh..Gummies should I take daily?

For optimal results, we recommend taking 3-4 gummies daily.

Is there sugar in Ohh.. Gummies?

Each Ohh..gummy contains only 1g of sugar that comes from organic cane sugar and unlike other gummies, are made without artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols and do NOT contain any high fructose corn syrup. We wanted to create a black seed oil gummy that gives you a perfect balance of health and a delicious taste! We did not want to mask the unique taste of black seed oil entirely, just make it palatable.

Why not make Ohh Gummies sugar-free?

The alternatives to sugar are full of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols that would go against our mission of creating a gummy that helps support general health and wellbeing. We use a low amount of organic cane sugar to help make Ohh..Gummies really tasty! We also use pectin (fruit peel) instead of gelatin (animal skin and bones) that requires both a sugar and an acid to set properly.

Is there any gelatin in Ohh.. Gummies?

No. Unlike other gummies on the market, Ohh.. Gummies do NOT contain any gelatin, which is an animal by-product. Instead, Ohh.. Gummies are made with fruit pectin, a fiber found in fruit and vegetable peel.

Why have you decided to include Vitamin D2 and Zinc in Ohh.. Gummies?

Our goal is to help you get the most from the benefits of Black seed oil in your body.The addition of these bioavailable essential vitamins and minerals complements the effect of Black Seed Oil in our Ohh..Gummies, to help maintain support of the immune system and overall good health; help support respiratory, joint, heart health, and more..


You may have noticed the light coating of beeswax on the Ohh.. G. We use beeswax as the last step to coat our Ohh.. gummies in order to prevent the gummies from sticking together in the bottle. We chose beeswax because it is totally natural and has healthy properties. Beeswax is a natural product made from the honeycomb of the honeybee. Pollen oils are mixed into beeswax. Beeswax is used for high cholesterol, pain and is anti-fungal.

When is the best time to take Ohh..Gummies?

Many people like to take three Ohh..Gummies before meals or even between meals.

What is the research behind the ingredients in Ohh..Gummies?

Please see our page dedicated to the scientific evidence behind the benefits of the ingredients here.

How do Ohh..Gummies dosage compare to traditional black seed oil?

Three or four Ohh..Gummies provide the recommended teaspoon of black seed oil and elderberry fruit.

How is your BTQ2™ Black Seed oil pressed?

BTQ2™ Black seed oils are collected after the first cold-pressing at an industry low temperature of 75-95°F (+24-35°C). We carefully source our seeds from small sustainable and organic farms in Ethiopia and Turkey. The seeds are then pressed and the high quality oil is collected and third party lab tested for purity and Thymoquinone levels. Our oil is not chemical or mechanically filtered, but rather the oil is left to sit for any sediment to naturally fall to the bottom, thereby retaining many of the actives, vitamins and minerals that make black seed oil potent and effective.

Where is your BTQ2™ oil from?

Our oil is pressed from seeds harvested from Ethiopia and Turkey


What are your customer service hours?

Our customer service hours are 9am - 5pm CST Monday - Friday. All questions are responded within 24 hours during the week and between 24-48 hours on weekends.

Why should I sign up for the emails?

With emails you are able to find out what's new with Obsidian Herbal Health as well as find out about future promotions before anyone else. We let those who subscribe via email gain access to our limited editions before they are announced anywhere else. That is why many of our limited editions tend to be sold out.


How do I know if my order has been placed?

You will receive an order confirmation email to the email address you provided with a receipt. Be sure to check your spam folder as well for an order confirmation. Also make sure you enter the correct email address. A misspelling can affect whether you receive an email confirmation or not.

I've just placed my order, can I change it?

If you placed an order and would like to add or remove an item, you will have 4 hours from when you placed your order to cancel your order as we do not have the ability to add or remove items from your order. Please notify us within the 4 hours that you have placed your order or we will not have the ability to cancel it as we process items pretty quickly. It will be out of our hands and on it's way to you.

How do I track my order?

Once your order is ready to be shipped, you will be given a tracking number to where you can keep track of your order. Some orders require signature confirmation (unless you click on the option to not require signature), so be sure to make proper arrangements to receive your order.

When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

With emails you are able to find out what's new with Obsidian Herbal Health as well as find out about future promotions before anyone else. We let those who subscribe via email gain access to our limited editions before they are announced anywhere else. That is why many of our limited editions tend to be sold out.

Where do we ship to?

We ship all over the world.

Do you ship to P.O. Box addresses?

Yes, we do ship to P.O. Box addresses.

Will I be charged customs and import duties?

Please note that Obsidian Herbal Health ships all international packages "Delivery Duties Unpaid." This means that all customs, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are not charged by Obsidian Herbal Health and are the responsibility of the customer at the time of delivery. If the customer fails to pay these fees and the package is returned to Obsidian Herbal Health, we will not resend your package and instead issue a store credit in the amount of the subtotal of your order (not including shipping fee).

Wrong address. I accidentally gave you the wrong address...what now?

We ship to the address provided. You have 4 hours to contact us within the processing time to provide us with the correct address. If you paid with Paypal and have a wrong shipping address on file with them, you will need to contact them and make sure that your address is updated with them before we can ship out to that address or it will be shipped out to the address provided within Paypal. We only ship to the address provided within Paypal.

Can I use more than one discount code on my order?

Only one coupon code per purchase when discount code is available.

What happens if I forget to use a discount code?

We are sorry to hear this. Once your order has been placed we are unable to manually add the discount. Please note that this discount may be used on your next order if the code is still valid.

Why won't my discount code work?

Our codes are case sensitive, try copying and pasting the code into the Promo Code box just before checkout. Please look at the terms and conditions of the discount code to make sure this offer is still valid. From time to time we offer discount codes for selected items only and this will be stated in the terms and conditions of the discount code.

Why has my order been cancelled?

Our gummies sell out super quickly due to such a high demand and on occasions the gummies you have ordered can suddenly become unavailable. These cases are rare. If an item in your order sells out, we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm the cancellation of your order. If your order contains additional items, we will dispatch the rest of your order and refund the out of stock item.

What is your return policy?

Ohh.. has a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

What is your return policy for international orders?

Ohh..has a 30 day money back guarantee minus shipping costs. Simply mail the unused product back to us and we will return the purchase price of your items.

What is your exchange policy?

We are unable to process exchanges at this time. You can return the unused product within 30 days for a full refund.

I have not received my order even though the tracking says shipped. What do I do now?

Once the item has been shipped, it is no longer in our hands. You will need to contact the delivery company specified within the order with the tracking number provided to gain more information. If signature confirmation shows that it was signed for, you will need to contact them

I see there was an attempted delivery but I missed it. What do I do now?

You will need to contact the delivery company to make arrangements to pick up the item. You can also go on their site or contact them to schedule redelivery.

I missed all delivery attempts and it is being shipped back to you. I do want the item. What do I do now?

It is the customer's responsibility to make arrangements to receive their package with the delivery company. If it is shipped back to us and you want us to ship it back to that same address or a different address, you will need to pay to have the item reshipped.

I see there was an attempted delivery but I missed it. What do I do now?

You will need to contact the delivery company to make arrangements to pick up the item. You can also go on their site or contact them to schedule redelivery.

I need the gummies reshipped. I accidentally gave the wrong shipping address.

If you provided the wrong shipping address and need the item reshipped to you, you will need to pay the shipping fee to have the item reshipped.

What does it mean when an item says Preorder Now Ships?

Preorder now means the item will be available to ship on that date. The date stated is when the item ships. You are charged to reserve your item for that ship date.