Black Seed Oil Gummies have Zinc for immune system support

How Does Zinc Boost Immune System and Help Your Body Heal?

Would you like to get over colds faster — or not even get them at all? How about heal quickly from a wound or injury? Perhaps you’d enjoy not suffering from excess inflammation due to your body’s vigorous immune response to a pathogen? If all this sounds good to you, then it’s time to get some more zinc in your diet.

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What is zinc?

Zinc is an essential nutrient that you must obtain through food or supplements.

We’ll talk about zinc and immune system in a moment, but it also plays a major function in other processes of the body. These include:

  • Protein synthesis,
  • DNA synthesis,
  • Growth and development (both physical and cognitive),
  • Enzymatic reactions,
  • Gene expression.

With all these functions, zinc deficiencies manifest in a wide variety of ways. These include:

  • Mental lethargy,
  • Growth retardation,
  • Slow wound healing,
  • Poor appetite,
  • Immune dysfunctions.

Severe zinc deficiency is fatal if untreated.

How does zinc boost healing process?

Zinc plays more than one important function in the body for healing.

Zinc for immune system

First, zinc helps keep the immune system from reacting too strongly. Inflammation is an immune response that helps the body heal. Unfortunately, sometimes the body goes overboard and too much inflammation is damaging. Zinc regulates this inflammation and keeps it at an appropriate amount.

Zinc for damaged skin cells

Zinc also hangs out in the skin cells and helps rebuild damaged skin cells. Patients with burns, skin ulcers, and other skin conditions heal faster when treated with zinc.

Zinc in Black Seed Oil and Elderberry Gummies

Your body can’t produce or store zinc, thus you need to ingest a steady supply of the nutrient. That’s one of the reasons we’ve added this essential nutrient to our black seed oil and elderberry gummies. With our gummies, you’ll be getting a daily dose and enjoying the many health benefits of zinc. Check them out here today!

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